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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  June 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. >> >> your watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone. >> family and friends are demanding answers after an officer shot and killed a
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teenager. >> he was up all my long. it is very sad. tragic. >> a teddy bear that says " rest easy derek " is all that is left of a crime scene the eating and the death of a 14 year-old boy last night at this arco around 9:00 p.m.. >> one of our officers from the south san francisco police department came across to pedestrians and attempted to make pedestrian contact with those two individuals. one complied with that verbal desire to do so, one did not. that lack of compliance escalated to the point where the suspect produced a handgun from his waistband,
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>> my son was 14 years old. he was with him the night before. >> her son was friends with the victim and says that this was their hang out and things that this could have been handled differently. >> police violence need to stop. they think taking out guns in shooting these kids is resolving something but it is not resolving anything. >> the south san francisco police department and the district attorney's office have a heightened desire to be transparent with this entire process. >> as far as diana and her son are concerned, this corner which was once a safe meeting point has been forever changed.
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>> this is where i would picking up. >> surveillance cameras for on but focused on the gas pumps. the incident took place outside of their sight. reporting from south san fransisco, cbs 5. >> president obama back in the white house >> as soon as he got here, he laughed and it just goes to show that you cannot stay away from the day, even if you're the president of the united states. who is now in route to san fransisco. we have video of him landing at sfo. take a look right now. the president is hosting 2 fund- raising events. both of them sold out. pronounces headed to the landmark to speak at an event. his biggest event is a luncheon
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at the julia morgan ballroom. just up the street, to honor 50 people are set to attend that including big bay area names including willie mays, governor jerry brown, and mayor ed lee. but let's take a look at the price tag to attend this event right here. it is general admission will cost you about $5,000. photoreception about $7,500, and if you are a table capt.,. it was a 16 hour trip but he was able to break away about $4 million. originally he was always supposed to go to los angeles to attend a couple of other fund- raisers but decided to make it stop peer in the bay area. his for our stop it >> nice job. cate caugurian live for us at sfo, >> a new legal fight brewing after san jose's viewers approved a pension reform plan. city governments around the
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country are keeping a close eye on that court challenge. measure b past with 70 percent of the vote. >> yes, and they were here when the courthouse opened this morning at 8:30 a.m., they had worked on newspapers, pages of litigation, they have it all written up. before voters pass that measure last night. >> this is california and nothing important happens without litigation. >> and just as soon as the headlines read " victory for measure be " the next chapter begins. >> we want to have no changes go into effect until the court has an opportunity to rule on the merits of the case. >> or choose a more modest plan.
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future hirings would have to pay half of their pension costs. the two lawsuits filed today by the police and firefighters' unions take aim at the changes to current employee pensions. >> the law is very clear, when a public employer makes a promise to employees they need to keep that promise. >> this legal expert says the court could see it either way >> let's assume that the court finds that there is a contract, number-one is the public pension policy exception. and now provides that san jose could argue that if they were going to go bankrupt, or have to severely cut their social services, then, they could show that they have a public policy reason for breaking their contract. >> the issue is expected to be tied up in court in years. but mayor chuck reed says something needs to be done to
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protect city services from the ballooning costs of pensions. >> we have crafted this carefully to comply with california law. our rights as a charter city. we are prepared for litigation as we implement this. courts will be involved but we are on strong legal grounds >> right now a police and firefighters' unions involved. one of those lawyers planning on filing a third lawsuit on behalf of another group of city workers. live in san jose, cbs 5. >> thank you. >> >> it to be days before a winner is finally declared. proposition 29 would add a dollar to each pack of cigarettes to fun anti-smoking programs and cancer research. the tobacco industry spent tens
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of millions of dollars on anti 29 advertising. down from 14 years to 12 in the state legislature but it now allows them to serve all that time. in one house. and pitch shoppers in contra costa county will have to pay more. three cities approve the sales tax hike last night. there were san paulo, and hercules. hercules. and for others ahead of this domestic violence arrest. the mayor thinks they will unveil whether they think mirkarimi tried to dissuade them from talking to police. the latest from pg&e over its pipelines. the utility company could be susceptible to
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corrosion. they include part of the same wine exported in zambrano. >> ray bradbury passed away in l.a. overnight. he was 91 years old. fahrenheit 451 was required reading for countless american classrooms. the martian chronicles has been published in more than 30 languages. ray bradbury, dead at the age of 91. >> what you need to know about the safety of your car's windshield. >> out a historic recall in wisconsin could have a major impact on the presidential election >> the mother who's in big trouble for what is in this picture >> a warm-up is on the way and we might see temperatures near 90 degrees, coming out.
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>> stocks are higher for a second straight day. the dow is up at 232 points which puts it back in positive territory for the year. bargain under scoop up stocks after weeks of selling and investors shrugged off predictions >> scott walker still in charge in wisconsin. last night he became the first u.s. senator to ever survived a recall attempt. >> tonight we tell wisconsin, we tell our country and people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions.
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>> meanwhile in his concession speech walker's democratic opponent urge supporters to keep fighting but republicans are now hoping that walker's victory could give the gop a boost heading into the november election >> a jury has been selected in the sexual abuse trial of a former penn state football coach. jerry sandusky return to court a few hours ago. he's accused of sexually assaulting 10 boys. seven men and five women have been chosen to hear the opening statements. one of the accusers is expected to testify. a denver mother is in big trouble >> can you see what is wrong with this picture? a colorado police officer took this photograph after pulling her over last week. in the back seat you can see the gas can is buckled into the sea but the toddler had a lap belt and that is all. state law requires all children
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under 8 years old to be in car seats. she was cited for several violations. >> i still do not get it. >> a warning for parents, the nationwide recall for thousands of high chairs. >> why the shuttle enterprise took so long to get to its destination >> we could see temperatures in the '90s, coming up.
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>> is not the first flying machine we have seen on the hudson but it is certainly the most unusual. the space shuttle enterprise headed by barge to its new home on board a u.s. aircraft carrier. it is now a museum and once the shuttle gets there a crane will lifted onto the flight deck. the delicate process expected to take several hours. it's swan song before becomes a museum. >> have you ever been on the intrepid? >> i have not. but it is going whereit has ever gone before. new jersey. a beautiful day outside. plenty of sunshine and we will be warming. a good three to 10 degrees above what we saw yesterday. right now relatively mild, 70 degrees in concord, oakland 62.
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67 in san jose. as we make our way throughout the day you can expect more of this blue sky, and reconditions picking up as we move into the afternoon hours. breezy by the day. evening breeze as well. mostly clear tonight, staying dry but windy at times over the extended forecast. let's take a satellite perspective. here's the weather system that brought us the rain. it is pushing out of here. unfortunately it is not as strong as we would like to be for very warm weather. so we are still below average for this time of the year but gradually warming up. between these two systems we're seeing preconditions and will continue to do so. another system moving away from it will increase the wind again. futurecast shows that by 5:00 this evening we see wind speeds upwards of 23 mi. per hour. in places like san fransisco and sandra fell. inland 80 m.p.h. wind. and in the delta region we will
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see gusty winds. these are sustained, not wind gusts. expect a higher as they move into thursday. they do died down a little bit and then pick up again friday as we get a week weather maker passing to the north. in the meantime to amateurs are mild. low seventies for some people in palo alto and santa clara. 77 in morgan hill and 69 in union city. in the east bay we are at 81 and antioch 80. pittsburgh 78 in danville and 78 in that the. north lake and matures in a similar range. the database 61, 59 in daly city and 74 in kentfield and a look at the extended forecast shows that we certainly have very nice weather. staying around this temperature range for the next couple days. a brief dip on friday. kicking up the winds on friday as well. it may feel cooler than these temperatures look but we do rebounds saturday and sunday as high pressure builds back in, flirting with 90 degrees by next weekend.
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>> thankyou. j.c. penney is bringing sales back to its stores. the chain got rid of the word earlier this year in favor of a three tier pricing plan that offered low prices every day. but many shoppers got confused and revenue fell along with their stock price. a major recall under way for a popular kids highchair. they say that parents should stop using this convertible high chair. the agency received reports that the trade falls off unexpectedly. some kids have fallen out of the chair, no serious injuries reported a 35,000 shares have been sold. sloppy work installing windshields cannot just damage your car but it can put your life at risk. doing double duty today on the consumer watch. julie what shows us what happened. >> in 9 1 1 call after she was thrown 70 ft. from her car.
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>> she was lying face down, her body was cut up and smashed from all the shards from the windshield. >> her brother john said that the glass was not properly bonded to the car causing it to pop off. she died at a hospital in the arms of family. this investigator with the california bureau of automotive repair says that some companies are sloppy. he shows us improperly installed wind chills that he has taken into evidence like this one that did not have enough glue. and this one that pops out when an investigator slams the door. unfortunately, shoddy jobs are all too common and he says he may never notice. >> the only way for you to determine whether or not a windshield is truly installed properly is to remove it. >> although she had a hunch when her windshield was leaking after driving for the car wash. >> i'm very angry. >> after watching undercover video of her install or working on another car, this industry expert may know why.
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>> it is a dangerous installation. >> he said the oil from his bare hands could keep the glue from properly bonding but his bigger concern is a 2 in. break in the glue. >> i would not let anyone drive that car. >> the company declined to comment but he knows all too well the dangers of a faulty installation. after her death she pushed for new industry certifications now followed by 10,000 installers across the country. he is hoping that her death will save a life. >> i think it has given her life a lot of meaning. >> keep in mind that anyone can become a windshield installers. there's no special certification required. you just need to pay the state of california $200 to register. but there is a special certification available now. certification available now. to find a certifie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything >> today's tip of the day will be beautiful white nectarines. some tips on some summer fruit. the hot weather that we have been having in some of these growing areas and not a lot of rain are producing beautiful produce. the quality is great. especially on these white nectarines. they're loaded with sugar.
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but you need to store that right. let me show you. a beautiful pink color all the way around. pink and a little bit of yellow. free from any green or shriveling. and a slight give to the touch. when you bring them home, you want to store them on the counter, don't put them in the refrigerator. you want these at room temperature. when they get too cold you do not get juice. but at present it sure is nice and juicy. white nectarines, in the market, and the taste of summer. i am tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, eat fresh and stay healthy. i'm going to try this now ... >> that sounded juicy. first lady michelle obama delivered the top-10 list on last night's late show with david letterman. >> and here are some fun facts about gardening. >> eggplants were originally
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cultivated for use as doorstops. later this year the supreme court will finally rule on tomato verses tomato. if you have an actual green some it might be scurvy. with enough care and effort you can grow your own barack broccoli. >> she is promoting her new book about gardening at the white house, and her husband is right here in san francisco.,,
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